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Day 25 : Rifugio La Riposa to Rifugio Vulpot

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24 : Susa to Rifugio La Riposa 26 : Usseglio to Balme
Distance: 13.82 km Total time: 00:00:00
Altitude gain: 1539 m loss: 1929 m ( of which 00:00:00 resting time )

This track deviates from the official GTA route, to pass over Rocciamelone (3538m). The official route goes via Colle di Croce Ferro. When the air is clear, the views from Rocciamelone are spectacular and it is a rewarding hike; technically it is fairly straightforward, but the altitude gain and loss are large, so prepare for a long day.

Follow the trail up to Rifugio Ca d'Asti (2584m) a smallish hut with no drinking water source, but bottled water is available. From there, continue up to the peak; the path is well visible, but steep, so take it slow. On the last part, there are a few chains to assist, but in good weather it's a simple path up. At the top, you find a shelter and a giant Maria statue. Walk up to the statue for the best views towards to the other side.

Descend behind the statue, a short steep stretch on an exposed ridge. Follow the broad ridge to where it flattens out and find a way down to the glacier; you walk on the rock besides the glacier for the most part, but then have to cross it to the other side; first to clear rocky bump, which has some markings and a piece of trail on it, and then over the main part to the rocky crest ahead (about 50m). The is is not thick, so there is no danger of falling into cracks etc, but be careful nonetheless. On the other side, look for markings that take you over the crest and then steeply down. This part is steep, but almost like a natural staircase. The path is well-marked. After a while you reach a greener part, and the trail curves towards Rifugio Tazetti (2642m, open on weekends in summer).

From Tazetti, it is a still quite a hike down along the valley to Lago di Malciaussia and the destination: Rifugio Vulpot (1805m).

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