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Day 26 : Usseglio to Balme

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25 : Rifugio La Riposa to Rifugio Vulpot 27 : Balme to Pialpetta
Distance: 0 km
Altitude gain: 0 m loss: 0 m

We cheated a bit by accepting a lift from the gettore in Rifugio Vulpot to Usseglio. If you don't get a list, it's straightforward walk along the stream to Usseglio, but it's mostly asphalt.

On the main road, turn right through the village and after leaving the town, turn left off the road, just across the bridge. The path follows the right bank of a stream and soon starts winding upwards through the forest. Continue up until Colle di Costa Fiorita (2465m). From there is is down a bit but then keep left to climb a a few 100 m up to Passo Paschiet (2435m). From there is down, first through rocky land with patches of snow, past Bivacco Gandolfo (2220m) and the Laghi Verdi (2142m). From there is goes down more steeply and joins a stream (stay on the right side). Signs of habitation get thicker on the ground until you round a last little hill and see the village of Balme. There are several places to stay; our experience with Les Montagnards in the area just below the small ski lift are very good.

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