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Day 38 : Rifugio Coda to Locanda Galleria Rosazza

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37 : Trovinasse to Rifugio Coda 39 : Locanda Galleria Rosazza to Rifugio Rivetti
Distance: 12.5 km Total time: 00:00:00
Altitude gain: 580 m loss: 1370 m ( of which 00:00:00 resting time )

From Rifigio Coda, go downhill at first, reaching a long traverse with nice views of the surrounding mountain tops. There is a short climb to Bochetta del Lago (2026m) followed by a descent to Lago Mucrone (1902m), a nice mountain lake, which however can be quite touristy thanks to the nearby cable car. You can take the cable car down, or opt to walk down about 800m, on a fairly easy trail (part mule tracks) of broad zigzags via Rifugio Rosazza. NB: our GPS trail contains a detour uphill, which was a mistake.

At the end of the path, you reach first a gravel road and then a bigger road, where you can turn L towards Galleria Rosazza if you're not interested in visting Oropa. To go to Oropa, follow the trail, which cuts corners off the the road until you reach the upper part of the complex. From there, the route continues by turning left below the chapel over concrete bridge. However, once you're here, it is probably worth to have a quick look sanctyuary and the churches. There is also a shop and a cafe for lunch or drinks.

Once you've seen enough, go back to the upper part of the complex and take the path over the bridge and into the forest. After a bit, the path joins a road which takes you up again. Now you have a choice to take the tunnel (Galeria Rosazza) to your destination or climb up a little more to Collle Colma and down to avoid the tunnel.

The end goal for today is the atmospheric Locanda Galleria Rosazza. which is mostly a bar/restaurant with a nice (roadside) outside eating area with views of the next valley, but also has a few rooms (in the tower).


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