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Day 44 : Santa Maria to Rimella (Chiesa)

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43 : Rifugio Boffalora to Santa Maria 45 : Rimella to Campello Monti
Distance: 8.6 km Total time: 00:00:00
Altitude gain: 767 m loss: 716 m ( of which 00:00:00 resting time )

We broke the stage to Compello Monti in two parts, to end one year's trek and resume the next year. If you stay on the trail you can combine both stages in a rather long stage (18 km). Rimella is served a bus that runs mostly on request, call for reservations.

From Santa Maria, follow the road past La Piana and Villa Musy turning left and up towards Riva and then Belvedere (1208m). From there take path 525 towards a small chapel and a saddle La Res (1419m). Over the saddle, there is another footpath through fields and later forest, towards Ronaccio Superiore (1179m) and down to Roncaccio Inferiore, an stunningly situatied atmospheric hamlet, with mostly seasonal inhabitants. A mule tracks goes further down, reaching the road which you follow (up) to Rimella/Chiesa, where there is Albergo Fontana, with a small shop. This is one of the places where the bus can pick you up, but if you continue, follow the walking path (Sientiero 2) and the road further up. You will see the hamlet of San Gottardo on the side.

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