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Day 45 : Rimella to Campello Monti

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44 : Santa Maria to Rimella (Chiesa) 46 : Campello Monti to Molini di Calasca
Distance: 6.88 km Total time: 00:00:00
Altitude gain: 645 m loss: 675 m ( of which 00:00:00 resting time )

The GPS trail deviates a bit from the official route since we arrived by 'flexibus' and the driver dropped us of at the end of the road, close to San Gottardo. The official route goes through Rimella, up to 'Villa Superiore' ands follows a trail that bypasses San Gottardo. From San Gottardo, we took the path to Alpe Pianello, after which we connected to the main GTA trail for the final stretch to Bochetta di Campello (1924m). From there, the trail goes down through woodland, via Alpe del Vecchio and ends up in Campello Monti, a picturesque summer village. Pick up the key to the Posto Tappa at the farm Alpe Sass da Mur, just before reaching the village. You can also stay at the Locanda Alla Vetta del Cappezzone, where you can also meals if you stay in the posto tappa.

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