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Day 47 : Molini di Calasca to Alpe Cheggio

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46 : Campello Monti to Molini di Calasca 48 : Alpe Cheggio to Rifugio Alpe il Laghetto
Distance: 0 km Total time: 00:00:00
Altitude gain: 0 m loss: 0 m ( of which 00:00:00 resting time )

We combined two stages from the Rother guide, but hitchhiked the stretch along the road to Antronapiona.

Continue along the road past the Locanda del Tiglio for a few hundred meters. Cross at a zebra crossing where stairs go between the houses. Go farther up, following  mostly mule tracks with signs to Olino and Alpe Prer. In Alpe Prer, take the path that keeps going up behind the last house, through a small field (don't take the path that goes left into the woods). Still a bit of a climb until you reach the ridge, after which the path levels out with good views towards the Valle Dossola on one side and the high mountains on the other side. Rifugio Alpe Colma is to your left, slightly below the ridge.

Go to the Rifugio, and further down past it, following a path that eventually takes you to the road in the valley.

We hitched a ride to Antronapiana , which has two shops, from where the ascent to Cheggio  starts. Take the mule path at the high end of the town and follow the road, taking shortcuts when indicated. It takes about 1h15 reach Cheggio. You encounter the Rifugio citta di Novarra right where you enter the village, and there is a simple hotel, Albergo Alpino, with a good atmosphere and good food, closer to the dam (take the paths through cheggio for a shortcut).

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