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Day 49 : Rifugio Alpe il Laghetto to Rifugio Gattascosa

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48 : Alpe Cheggio to Rifugio Alpe il Laghetto 50 : Rifugio Gattascosa to Gondo
Distance: 7.42 km Total time: 00:00:00
Altitude gain: 576 m loss: 586 m ( of which 00:00:00 resting time )

After a few long days, this was a short stretch. We decided not to follow the guide, which takes a rather level route around the high valleys, but visit Lago di Oriaccia and the Cima Verosso.

From the Rifugio, follow the signs to Lago di Oriaccia, a beautifully located high mountain lake. From there, go right, basically traversing the upper valley, with spectacular rock flows. After a while, you reach the paths that lead to Rif San Bernardo; turn left and up the mountain through fields towards the rigde, which you then follow up to pass just behind a peak (Mont del Dente?) and continue to Cima Verrosso (2443m0. The path along the ridge is somewhat exposed, but ropes are installed to help you along. No point in going here when it is rainy or wet, but with good weather, you get all-around views from the peak.

From the peak, go back down via a second trail in roughly the direction that you came from; you end up following a ridge that extends to the right from the arrival route. This is steep, but rocky, so fairly easy to go down. You reach the Bochetta di Gattascosa (2158m) from the side/above and turn right reaching the path down to the Rifugio Gattascosa.

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