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Day 6 : Rifugio Soria-Ellena to Rifugio Morelli-Buzzi

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5 : Trinità to Rifugio Soria-Ellena 7 : Rifugio Morelli-Buzzi to Terme di Valdieri
Distance: 12.52 km Total time: 00:00:00
Altitude gain: 1100 m loss: 700 m ( of which 00:00:00 resting time )

There is some freedom of picking the length of the stages between yesterday, today and tomorrow, for example depending on the weather or on your plans after Terme di Valdieri (we stopped there for the year).

This stage goes over two passes. With good weather you should get nice views of Monte Argentera. First go back to the crossing slightly below Rifugio Soria-Ellena. From there go up to the first pass, Colle di Fenestrelle. It's a fairly pleasant path, but offers little shade. At the pass, you might find some snow, though. From there, the path descends to Bacino artificiale del Chiotas, an artificial lake. Next to the lake, you can see the Rifigio Gardetta. When you reach the lake edge, turn left for the Rifugio, or right to continue along the lake and the dam (including a short stretch of tunnel).

From the dam, follow the path up, to the Colle del Chiapous. Down again in the rubble-strewn upper valley; the destination comes quickly into view, but it is still a good half hour to Rifugio Morelli-Buzzi.

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