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This is the main forum section. You are welcome to post questions, announcements, or feedback on this website on the forum. We only ask you to create an account to post in the forums, so that messages are identifiable.

Please do not post in the main forum section, but use the sub-categories below to post your messages.

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Please be respectful of others when you post here. We would like to provide a useful resource with information about the GTA and other mountain hikes. Please don't post off-topic items and/or advertisements. Any content that is deemed inappropriate by the site owner and/or moderators can be removed without prior notice.
This is the place to discuss GTA information, about routes, places to stay, etc.

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This is the place to discuss other routers and general mountain hiking topics.

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Can you help me translate
by rardWeela
4 years 7 months ago
This is the place to discuss the website itself. Suggestions for improvements, links to other resources, etc are welcome!

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