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Day 19 : Villanova to Ghigo di Prali

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18 : Rifugio Barbara Lowrie to Villanova 20 : Ghigo di Prali to Balsiglia
Distance: 15.9 km Total time: 00:00:00
Altitude gain: 1210 m loss: 1010 m ( of which 00:00:00 resting time )

Take the road in front of the restaurant past the waterfall, then take the path left and up, reaching Colletta Faure (2110m) after about 2.5h. From there it is down through a mostly empty valley, with a ghost town (Bergerie Giulian). After a while, take the path back up to Colle Giulian (2451m). From there, it's down only until you reach the small winter sports town of Ghigo di Prali. The Posto Tappa is in Hotel delle Alpi.

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