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Day 51 : Gondo to Alpe Veglia

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50 : Rifugio Gattascosa to Gondo 52 : Alpe Veglia to Alpe Devero
Distance: 16.8 km Total time: 00:00:00
Altitude gain: 736 m loss: 1700 m ( of which 00:00:00 resting time )

A beautiful but long walk. For the last part, we took a well-indicated shortcut, which avoids a descent and ascent of a few 100m, but has a tricky stretch going around some rocky outcroppings.

From Gondo, follow the road towards the pass; switching to the footpath on the right of the road near the last gas station. This goes on for a while, until you reach a signpost for Alpe Corwetsch. The path goes up pretty steeply, via several abandoned farms, e.g. Presa Brusciata, until you reach Presa Cima, where you should make sure to turn right, going further uphill, towards Corwetsch; the views gradually improve and the path is steep, but pleasant. Near the top, there is a short stretch that is a bit steeper and may require some scrambling. After a final abondoned farm, you can see the farms of Corwetsch trough the trees, but can take a right towards Alpjerung. Keep goind until Alpe Vallescia, where you go left via Alpe Camosscella to the Passo delle Possette (2179m).

From the pass its down again, via i Pianezzoni and Le Balmelle, after which you reach the gravel road which you can follow. In Stalletto/Alpe Valle, you can turn left from the road to take the shortcut; a mostly pleasant path, with one steep and somewhat tricky stretch over/around a rocky outcropping. The alternative is to stay on the road which goes down a few 100m and the comes back up to meet the path. Keep going along the now steeply climbing mountain road, with a few spectacular gorges. After a while, the road levels out and you have reached the high valley in which Alpe Veglia lies. Follow the signs, keeping right to reach the Rifugio Citta di Arona. A large and bustling place (make sure to call for reservations), which stunning views of the upper valley and Monte Leone.

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