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Day 52 : Alpe Veglia to Alpe Devero

51 : Gondo to Alpe Veglia
Distance: 15.2 km Total time: 00:00:00
Altitude gain: 1048 m loss: 1163 m ( of which 00:00:00 resting time )

A beautiful walk through spectacular high valleys which are only accessible on foot. We took the small detour to see Lago del Bianco which offers impressive views of the Monte Leone.

From the Rifugio, continue on but turn right before the cluster of houses. From here you go up through an open forest with a dense undergrowth of blueberries, following the signs to Lago del Bianco. After the lake, continue up to the Pian d'Erbiol. Keep right at the crossing and the path turns back and down again. Don't miss the left turn to cross trough the upper valley (Pian Sass Mor) and meet up with the main trail from Alpe Veglia, which you follow to the left. The path soon starts to climb seriously up between the rocks and then on to Passo di Valtendra (2431m). Before the pass, you may have to cross or skirt a small snow field.

From the pass, keep left, essentially staying at altitude, along the mountainside (steep in some places) towards Lago d'Orogna which was basically dry when we saw it in summer. From there there it is a short climb to Scatta d'Orogna (2461m), which is also very near the peak Punto d'Orogna. Through the saddle, the path slowly descends; a very rocky landscape. The official path stays on the left of the stream in the upper valley; we inadvertently took the old path that stays a bit more to the right and crosses the stream near Alpe Buscagna Superiore. Keep going to Alpe Buscagna Inferiore, to finally reach Alpe Devero, where you enter via what looks like the old settlement and have to chose your lodging options; the Rifigio Castigioni is closest if you follow the road to the left. Otherwise, turn right, through the fields to the current center of town where you find Antica Locanda Alpino, as well as several other options. Alpe Devero is a suprisingly touristy spot, but of the pleasant variety. There is basically no car traffic in the village/upper valley, since guests have to park in the parking lot just outside the village. That is also where you can find the bus down to Baceno.

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