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Day 29 : Fonti Minerali to Noasca

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28 : Pialpetta to Fonti Minerali 30 : Noasca to San Lorenzo
Distance: 10.1 km Total time: 00:00:00
Altitude gain: 635 m loss: 1058 m ( of which 00:00:00 resting time )

Practical note: Cereosole Reale is the last point with an ATM for the coming days. There is a small shop in Noasca.

Cross the stream from Fonti Minerali and follow the path across the road, after which it starts winding up through the woodland. You reach an open area Ca Bianca (1942m) from which you go up to the fork and turn right. From here the path follows the mountain side, circling around the Parco Nazionale di Gran Paradiso. After a while, you reach the hamlet Maison (or Meison) (1567m) where you can explore the ruins, some of which still feature wall paintings. From here, the descent starts, via Varda and a last steep stretch down to the valley road, which you follow for a km or so to arrive at Noasca.

Noasco has two main places to stay: Hotel La Cascata, which is a bit more up-scale, and a few rooms, in the Posto Tappa c/o Ristorante-Albergo Gran Paradiso, which is a lively family-run place in summer.

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